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 So, I saw Dean falling on the ground with no reason, and then I felt somehow dizzy. I coughed. Maybe there was something in the air, some kind of poisonous gas or something… The only reason I didn't drop unconscious was, that I was, well, not really human. I rushed to Dean, yelling his name, but I lost picture of where's up and where's down, and did the only think I could do in such situation – I fell on the ground. The room started spinning around me, first slowly, and then really fast. Then for a moment it seemed like the roof crashed over me in slow-motion and everything went dark.
  Next thing I knew was that I woke up, still on the ground. Everything hurt as hell and Dean had disappeared.
  Okaaay. Time to get up, sunshine.
  Sitting up was painful, and it mixed my up's and down's again, but, stubborn enough, I sat like that until the room stopped shaking. I stood up, still too damn dizzy to concentrate.
  I looked around. The room was empty and moist. There were no lights, no windows, nothing. The only light was coming from a few candles, put a few feet from me.
  I blinked. Although the killing headache, I could distinguish a door in the far end of the room. It was open. Usually I don't trust suspicious open doors, leading to god knows where, but I had to try. I couldn't just stand here and do nothing.
  I took a step forward, then another one… And I stopped. Nope, not on purpose. Just for some reason I couldn't move any farther. I tried again – nothing.
  Then I looked up.
  No… Gosh, please, not this.
  I was caught in a fucking devil's trap.Who would even think…
  Hah, what irony. My whole life I trap demons in those. And I've always secretly enjoyed it, how they can't move, how, no matter how strong they are, in this thing, they're helpless. And now I was one of the poor bastards… and there was no getting out.
  Damn, damn, damn… There was not much I could do right now. It seems I had to sit here and wait, and the open door was only there to tease me. Oh well. I sat on the ground and sighed.
  Suddenly I remembered I had Dean's transmitter. I checked-and yeah, it was still in my pocket. And it seemed to be working. Hmm. Who do I call first?
  I tried with Kaotic, but she didn't answer. Before I can try sending a transmission to anyone else, suddenly I heard footsteps.
  "Howdy, Sam."
  I stood up. A dark figure entered the room.
  "…Agares?", I said. My voice came out really quiet because my throat was dry.
  The figure laughed.
  "Agares? No, wrong answer. Why don't ya take another guess, hm? Let me give you a hint. It also starts with an A…"
  Two yellow eyes stared at me from the dark.
  What…? No… That's impossible… Damn, no, it can't be. It just… can't. There's no way he can go back…
  "You seem shocked, kiddo. And yeah, I'm not surprised, I would be too, if I were you.", he grinned. "I bet you didn't expect to see me here, right?"
  "No… No. You're dead."
  "Oh am I?", he pretended to think. "Hmm… I think not."
  "No." my eyes were moving rapidly, instinctively looking for an escape, looking for a reasonable explanation for all this. "This must be… a hallucination or something…"
  Azazel shook his head.
  "Oh, Sam. I know it's hard to believe the truth. But it's me!", he smiled widely like he just met an old friend, who he hadn't seen for a long time. "Isn't that great! I bet you missed me, Sammy boy."
  I ignored him.
  "Someone brought you back, then?"
  "Hm. Maybe or maybe not. Why do you think I'd tell you anyway?!", he clapped his hands. "Oh well. Let's get started, shall we?"
  He put a bag on the ground and started taking out different sharp objects, salt, bottles of holy water and some instruments that I had no idea what they were. I stepped a few steps back until I got to the opposite side of the circle and I couldn't go any farther. And then I realized something.
  "Wait… You can't get in the circle. You're a demon."
  Suddenly calmer, I crossed arms and looked him in the yellow eyes.
  "I'm safe here."
  Azazel tilted head.
  "You sure about that?"
  He picked a knife and poured holy water on it. I shuddered, but I stood still.
  "Yes, I'm sure.", I declared. "You can't get any closer to me. And you wouldn't just break the trap to get to me. You wouldn't risk letting me run away."
  A small, almost fatherly smile appeared on his face.
  "You know, I'm so proud of you, Sammy."
  I frowned.
  "From all my children," he continued, "you turned out to be the most… loyal one. I never thought you were strong enough for this. I've always thought you're letting your emotions control you too much." He grinned. "But I was wrong."
  "What are you talking about?! Loyal? To you?!"
  "Yes! Just look at yourself-what you've turned to! And without my help you got even farther than I expected. You actually became one of us!"
  "What?! You think I wanted this?!"
  "Oh, come on, Sam.", he crossed arms and started circling the devil's trap slowly. "You can keep lying to yourself as much as you want, but we both know you've always wanted this… maybe you just don't realize it, but that's what you're meant to be!"  
  "You're wrong.", I murmured. "They made me what I am. If I could just go back in time and change things, I would!"
  Azazel smirked and walked closer. This started making me nervous. Why was he walking around me like a hungry vulture? He wasn't able to come in the trap…
  "I bet you would. But that doesn't change anything."
  The demon took another step closer, his foot almost touching the edge of the trap. Holy water was dripping from the knife, down Azazel's gloves, falling on the line, wetting it and washing off the chalk…
  "You really think that you're a threat for me, boy? Yeah, I admit, you're strong. And you'd be powerful if you actually used the gift that your stupid company, BL/ind, gave you. But do you think you can fight me and then outrun me, especially now, when you're weak, hurt, dizzy and confused?", he smirked and stepped in the circle. "I don't think so."
  Next thing I knew was that the knife was stuck deep in my shoulder, I was disorientated again, I couldn't move and I couldn't do anything but scream.
  The pain was sharp and burning – felt like the knife didn't only cut my flesh, but it also burned it like acid from the inside. The holy water entered my veins and blurred my vision…
  "This is how it feels, when a demon gets tortured by humans, Sam." I heard Azazel's voice hiss somewhere close to my ear. "You better get used to it, 'cause the next couple of days… they'd be worse than hell for ya, boy."

*  *  *

  I woke up tied on a chair, having absolutely no idea for how long I've been here. Maybe hours. Or more.
  "Where is… Dean…", I said for a thousandth time and spitted blood. It was painful even to talk.
  I didn't get an answer. Probably Azazel got tired of answering this over and over again. He said that Dean's gone and he's not coming back. I didn't know if that means he's dead. Plus, demons lie, right? He might have been lying… I just-- didn't know what to think.
  Damn, the only thing I knew was that the pain was too much for me to handle, all the holy water and salt entering my veins, polluting my blood… It was confusing me, I couldn't think straight. Maybe if I was alright, I would think of a plan, but right now my mind was too tired to even try.
  Perhaps if the torture stopped for awhile, I would be able to think of something.
  At least now I knew what was all this about. Azazel wasn't doing this just like that. He wanted something from me… something I wouldn't do, ever.
  He came closer and gently ran the knife through my cheek. I shuddered, but kept looking him in the eyes.
  "You know what I want from you. And I know what you want from me. Just say 'yes'… and I'll let you and your brother go."
  I shook head weakly.
  "No?", the demon raised eyebrows. "Okay."
  He slowly made a deep cut on my arm, slitting my veins. The knife was normal, so it wouldn't kill me, but it hurt as hell.
  "You will say 'yes'… sooner or later.", he grinned. "I just hope it will be sooner."
  Azazel took some salt and throw it in the wound. I screamed. It felt like my blood was boiling.
  "You will come back up there, Sam.", his voice hissed. "You will come back up there, and you'll lead this demon army."

(So this is part 2 of :iconkjhauntedshadow:'s Parade thingy, but from Sam's point of view. Basically what happened to Sam, while Dean was hanging around with the demon chicks. Yeaaah, he's screwed up.)
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(NOOO! The only way she can get in the Parade is to die, AND SAM JUST CAN'T LOSE HER, NOT NOW, NOT EVER D: )
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(IT WILL HAPPEN, THOUGH!! D: Maybe there will have to be a deal made with one of the demons to bring her back?? D: )
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